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  • Social Responsibility
    Shenzhen Huaqiang takes “honesty, innovation, harmony and mutual benefit” as its core values and “creating value for shareholders, helping staffs realize dreams and bearing due social responsibilities” as its mission. As a company of strong civic awareness and sense of social responsibility, the Company actively commits itself in environmental protection, health and security and charity and is always practicing its responsibilities as an enterprise citizen.
    Company Governance and Supervision
    As a listed company, Huaqiang Shenzhen, in accordance with Company Law, Securities Act and other national laws and regulations as well as rules and regulations of the company, has established standard modern governance structure, rules of procedure and internal control system; General meeting of shareholders, board of directors and board of supervisors operates according to specific standards, while decision-making right, implementation right and supervision right restrict and coordinate with each other; scientific and effective responsibility assignment and balance mechanism has also be formed to maintain the “professionalization”, “normalization” and “transparency” of company governance.
    Honest Management
    Honesty is the foundation of company governance. Standards of business conduct of Shenzhen Huaqiang, under the guidance of “honest management”, has become the principle followed by staffs in communication with each other, clients, media, regulation authorities and other stakeholders and can help build a powerful and open honesty system. With the help of internal supervision and audit system, the Company ensures that its staff can report corruption freely, so as to improve the self-discipline of managers at all levels and maintain a stable and sound development of the Company.
    As a responsible enterprise citizen, Shenzhen Huaqiang has been actively performing its enterprise responsibility, organizing leadership and staffs to participate in various voluntary services and holding several kinds of activities to support the development of border areas and help the disaster area. It established comprehensive procedure to manager disaster relief activities and make appropriate response and decision in time after disaster happens and proposed and actively promoted the establishment of “Huaqiang Poverty Lifting Mutual Fund”, showing the love and caring of staffs for each other and reaching out to their donation spirit. After Wenchuan, Yushu and Ya’an Earthquake, Shenzhen Huaqiang initiated donation activity immediately to help victims of the disaster. Besides, Staffs of Shenzhen Huaqiang set up “Huazaishi Charity Fund” spontaneously, providing financial support for affected areas in natural disasters, including Wenchuan earthquake and Shantou Flood, and donating a large amount of clothes, stationeries and books to schools in poor areas in Hunan and Guizhou.
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