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    • Huaqiangbei International Start-up Center is a comprehensive ecological platform for innovation and entrepreneurship built by Shenzhen Huaqiang in conformity to the country’s call for “entrepreneurship and innovation”, aiming at providing full service for entrepreneurs from “early stages of startups to listed established company”. On this platform, entrepreneurs can realize seamless combination of creative design, crowd funding for marketing, supply chain, investment and financing and other resources and capitals and therefore solve the problems they encounter throughout the whole entrepreneurial process. Huaqiangbei International Start-up Center has won the recognition of governments and has signed cooperation agreements with many cities,such as Shapingba , Chongqing and Xinhua , Shijiazhuang,in order to build local innovation and entrepreneurship ecology.
      Huaqiangbei International Start-up Center has obtained the national maker space label issued by the Torch Plan of Ministry of Science and Technology of the country.
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