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  • Company Overview

    Shenzhen Huaqiang Industry Co. Ltd. (abbreviated as “Shenzhen Huaqiang”), founded in 1994, got listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 1997 (stock code: 000062).

    The Company was first established to engage in electronics manufacturing, but now, it’s engaging in offering high-end service for electronic information industry, including such services covering the whole industry chain as products, transaction, data, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

    The Company has built and owned such famous brands in the industry as “Huaqiang Electronic World”, “Huaqiang Electronic Network”, “Price Index of Chinese Electronics Market”, “Huaqiangbei International Start-up Center”, “SANET” and “MogulTech”

    The Company, taking advantage of various resources at home and abroad and taking the opportunity offered by in-depth restructuring of electronic components distribution industry, has built a transaction service platform covering the whole electronic information industry chain. Besides, It has also built an innovation service platform with intelligent hardware being its characteristic for maker groups in Huaqiangbei International Start-up center, in the purpose of helping increase the number of small-and-medium enterprises. With these two platforms, the Company successfully built a high-end service system covering the whole electronic information industry chain and has become a pioneer in the industry.
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