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  • About Distribution of Electronic Components

    The Company, by making use of the capital market to acquire electronic components distributor, obtains key product lines and client resources, integrate parts and components distribution channels and cooperates with on-line and off-line business platforms such as Huaqiang Electronic World, Huaqiang Electronic Network and Huaqiang Flagship, so as to further improve high-end electronic information service system. At present, as an electronic components distributor, company owns SANET and MogulTech, with product lines such as MuRata, Panasonic, GCT, KTNXP, AOS, APT, ChipOn, ISOCOM, EPC, SONIX, RayStar, FDK, Shanghai Belling, SIMCOM, DIAO, SECOS and OTAX etc. It is engaged many market segments such as industrial control, security and protection, LED illumination, medical facility, automotive electronics, E-metrics, financial electronics and GPS navigation, we offer multi-level technical support for clients and meet their various demands.

    Shenzhen Huaqiang owns upstream and downstream industry resources and channels in electronic parts and components industry and will take measures to promote integration of all the electronic parts and components enterprises under it in aspects of professional talents, capital strength, business development, technology research and development, information system, sales channel, client resources and financial supply chain etc., in the purpose of improving platform advantages, realizing synergistic effect, providing comprehensive value-added services for clients, promoting integrations between electronic parts and components business and other businesses of the Company and therefore improving its competitiveness and business scale in electronic parts and components distribution field.

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